Estimation of Tuition Fees in Malaysia

Estimation-of-Tuition-Fees-in-Malaysia for PhD Program

The quality of education in Malaysia is highly competitive and relatively affordable. It has attracted many foreign students to start considering Malaysia as a study destination. So, how much is the average tuition fee in Malaysia? Please read this article carefully. 

Comparison of PhD Tuition Fees in 4 Southeast Asian Countries

Are you planning to continue your PhD program abroad, especially in a Southeast Asian country? There are a wide variety of programs and universities to choose from. When it’s compared to the European region, countries in Southeast Asia also have a high standard of education quality.

Moreover, the cost of education and living, it’s guaranteed to be cheaper. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to complete a PhD program.

In addition, the estimated cost of the PhD program in Malaysia is quite affordable when compared to other emerging market countries in Southeast Asia. The following is a sample comparative data of 5 PhD programs from 4 countries. The data is taken from several private universities in each country.

The data below are from TOP Universities Rankings, Roc Apply Information Technology Study in Thailand, Upgrade Abroad PhD in Singapore, Sasin School of Management, Unmer and others.

Estimation of Tuition Fees in Malaysia Infographic

The table above shows the price comparison data of 5 PhD programs from 4 emerging market countries in Southeast Asia: Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. The compared programs are PhD Business Management, PhD Education, PhD Information Technology, PhD Social Science, and PhD Islamic Studies.

Thailand has the highest average prices for PhD programs, it is around 576,000 – 1,045,276. This country is known for its high average cost of education when compared to other countries in Southeast Asia. 

No wonder, the cost of a PhD ranges quite high. The data is taken from Asian Institute of Technology, Rangsit University, and Assumption University of Thailand.

The second position is Singapore. This country also has a fairly high average tuition fee for PhD programs, around 286,137 – 498,403. Similar to Thailand, PhD programs in Islamic Studies are uncommonly found, as the majority of the population is not Muslim. 

The data is taken from Nanyang Technology University, James Cook University, and Singapore Management University.

Malaysia is in the third rank with the average cost of a PhD  30,750-80,077. You can still find PhD Islamic Studies programs in this country. The data is taken from Universiti Muhammadiyah Malaysia, Monash University, and International Islamic University Malaysia.

And the fourth rank is held by Indonesia. The cost is around 26,375 – 72,427 for the 5 programs above. The data is taken from Binus University, Nusantara Islamic University, Merdeka Malang University, Indonesian Islamic University, and Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta University.

Keep in mind, all prices can be changed at any time according to government regulations. The data above is only an estimation range. Each university also has different tuition fees. The fees above are only a sample of the selected university that offers PhD programs.

Malaysia, Your Affordable Study Destination

From the discussion above, Malaysia is one of the optional countries for you to pursue a PhD program. Not only are there many top-ranked universities, but the tuition fees are also very affordable.

One of the campuses that provide PhD programs with high quality and affordable costs for programs above is Universiti Muhammadiyah Malaysia (UMAM). The university is located in Perlis, as we know that the place is the most inexpensive number one in West Malaysia state with beautiful views and comfortable tourist destinations. 

UMAM provides a complete facility to support students’ activities, counseling support to assist students in their academic journey, and national and international degree recognitions. The reputation and quality of the lecturers are all experienced PhDs with special expertise in various fields. For further information related to the academic schedule, fees, requirements, and our detailed programs, you might visit the website here

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