About UMAM

Universiti Muhammadiyah Malaysia (UMAM) is an inaugural Indonesia private university branch campus in Malaysia and was established on 5 August 2021.


We are working together to ensure we fulfil our responsibilities and meet our strategic targets.



Executive Management Commitee - Dr Dwi Santoso

Dr. Dwi Santoso

Vice-Rector (Academic and International)

Executive Management Comittee - DR. Wachid Ridwan

Dr. Wachid Ridwan

Vice-Rector (Collaboration, Student Affairs and Alumni)

senate, Senate

Prof. Dr. Zakaria Abbas

Dean of Faculty Business and Information Technology (FBIT)

senate, Senate

Prof. Dr. Zulkifli Mohamad

Dean of Faculty Education, Social Science and Islamic Studies (FESSIS)


Senate - Mohd Fairuz Al-Fatah Badarudin

Mohd Fairuz Al-Fatah Badarudin

Registrar and Chief Financial Officer