Special Session with UM Purwokerto

Special Session with UM Purwokerto

UMAM Socialization

Universiti Muhammadiyah Malaysia (UMAM) supported by Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto (UM Purwokerto) has successfully conducted a special session online meeting between UMAM and UMP on the 16th September 2022.

This meeting aims to socialize the University of Muhammadiyah Malaysia (UMAM) to the academic community of the University of Muhammadiyah Purwokerto (UMP), especially the Department of Business and Management. Present at the event were Associate Prof. Waluyo Adi Siswanto, Rector of UMAM and head of Ph.D Program in Business and Management, Dr. Rairake Setiawan and also attended by UM Purwokerto members, business and management lecturers who were interested in pursuing their Ph.D degrees at UMAM.

Possibility Cooperation

In his speech, Rector of UMAM reiterated the possibility of cooperation that can be realized between UMAM and UM Purwokerto in the future. One of them is the acceleration program to create new Doctors for PTM and PTMA. In this program, prospective students are given the privilege of being able to choose their own co-supervisor so as to provide an opportunity for lecturers who have doctoral degrees to become professors. This will also open the opportunity to build international exposure for PTM and PTMA lecturers. In this special meeting the Rector also explained details about other programs, as well as technical issues such as Ph.D research journey, the admission procedures, VISA, and other academic aspects. But at the end of his remark, he reminded the audience to have a “prospective mindset of studying abroad”, as UMAM is not a local university but an international one. “You are studying overseas in Malaysia”.

Special Session with UM Purwokerto-Q&A Part
Special Session with UM Purwokerto-Q&A Part

Q&A Session

During the question and answer (Q&A) session, a lot of inquiries went directly to the Rector of UMAM. Here are some important points gathered during the Q&A session:

1.  Will DIKTI accept UMAM’s certificate?

UMAM is accredited by Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA). We provide the MQA code number of each programme at UMAM Official Website. Under MQA accreditation, the graduates will have worldwide recognition.

2. When will the students go to UMAM?

Admission to UMAM might take more time than admission to other PTMAs in Indonesia. It is because UMAM applies to the higher education system in Malaysia. In the research mode programme, the university will review the research intent of the student candidate and other submitted documents.

After receiving Letter of Acceptance (LoA) or in Malaysia is known as Offer Letter, students need to apply for a Single Entry VISA before going to UMAM. 

3. What is a PhD in research?

Unlike Indonesia where most of the assessments are examination-based, PhD research does not have an exam. There will be few classes in the first semester such as a research methodology lecture, but it will be assessed by assignments and what is more important in the said course is that it is a preparatory class before entering the proper research mode in creating the PhD thesis.

4. Do the students need to write UMAM as their affiliation in journal publications?

UMAM will not obligate the students to write UMAM as their affiliation. In fact, the students can write their own affiliation in Indonesia.

5. How much does the student need to pay for the examination?

There is no charge. UMAM follows the higher education of Malaysia.

6. How is the living cost in Perlis, Malaysia (area of UMAM)?

Normally RM 1,500.00 per month (include accommodation) 

7. Do we need to stay the whole period of study in Malaysia?

No. The minimum requirement in order to be recognized for studying in Malaysia is only up to 6 months. So in 3 years of study, the student needs to stay in Malaysia for at least 6 months.

8. In research mode, students need to submit progress reports every semester. How to submit the report if the student is not around during the semester?

UMAM will also provide an online progress report system. Online progress presentations can be arranged if necessary. We are in the era of information technology.

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