UMAM and FMI to Globalize Bali Academically through Research Publication

FMI to Globalize Bali_with the organizer

Kuta, Bali, Indonesia, Bali as one of the most attractive islands in Indonesia can be academically recognized globally among academia across the globe through prospective PhD students and co-promotor or co-supervisor who publish their researches using case studies in Bali to the international or Scopus indexed journals in a collaboration way with other FMI community as “it will make the process easier,” said the event director, Dr. Gusti Ngurah Joko Adinegara, SE, MA, Dean of Fakultas Ekonomika, Bisnis, dan Humaniora, Universitas Dhyana Pura.

FMI to Globalize Bali-Opening 2
Opening Ceremony Forum Manajemen Indonesia 14th Bali

UMAM exposed themselves at the 14th National Seminar of Forum Manajemen Indonesia (FMI) with the theme ‘Resolusi Manajemen Investasi Berintegritas pada Era Digital’. An island in which 54% of the total income comes only from tourism sector, it will definitely be one of the suitable case studies to be researched. More research using Bali as the case study can be produced through UMAM which applies a research-based PhD in Business and Management with FMI communities at the island such as Fakultas Ekonomika, Bisnis dan Humaniora Universitas Dhyana Pura.

Many information has yet been researched among scholars although the island is well-known for its success in business and tourism sectors. For instance, one of the guest speakers, Dr. Drs. I Putu Parwata, MK., M.M., Ketua DPRD Kabupaten Badung surprised the audience that his regency delivers 80% of the total income of the island.

FMI to Globalize Bali-UMAM Booth visitors
Delegates visit UMAM booth and get information about PhD by research Programmes

With the unlimited research opportunities in Indonesia, in particular Bali, the Head of Programme PhD in Business and Management, Rai Rake Setyawan, SE, GraDip Bus, MSA, PhD., recommended lecturers to use the massive potential areas to be researched at Bali for their PhD journey at UMAM. In other words, the island is not only a place for businessmen to earn capital from tourism sector. The island, known as ‘Pulau Dewata’ is also “a place for academia to earn reputation from their journal article publications,” said the director of 14th FMI national seminar.

The recommendation from the Head of Programme was due to the demand from Lembaga Akreditasi Mandiri Ekonomi, Manajemen dan Bisnis Akutansi (LAMEMBA) that business and management program at any local universities must ensure 70% of the total lecturers have obtained PhD.

FMI to Globalize Bali_UMAM Booth explaination about th e programme
PR and Marketing UMAM explain about opportunity get PhD in UMAM

Prof. Dr. I Gusti Ayu Ketut Giantari, SE, Msi., as the Head of FMI–Bali Coordinator spoke during her welcoming speech, “Gathering universities at conference, seminar, or forum such as FMI is important in order to gain connection and collaboration,” According to Head of FMI-Bali Coordinator, there were a total of 1,475 from about 70 local universities across Indonesia joined the 14th national seminar of FMI this year and almost half of them attended physically at Bali.

FMI to Globalize Bali_UMAM with committee FMI
Photo Group with FMI Committee Bali

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