Post Graduate by Research

(N/0414/8/0004) (06/29) (MQA/PA 15444)

PhD In Business and Management

Advanced training to develop innovative research in all areas of business and management. The academic…

(N/0611/8/0001) (05/29) (MQA/PA 15446)

PhD in Information Technology

The programme enables students to advance themselves in their career in computing and information…

(N/0111/8/0001) (05/29) (MQA/PA 15445)

PhD in Education

Enhance specialised knowledge through academic study and research. The programme aims to enable students…

Social Science
(N/0310/8/0001) (05/29) (MQA PA/15618)

PhD in Social Science

Create the best research environment for doctoral training. It covers the widest areas of social science…

islamic studies
(N/0224/8/0001) (05/29) (MQA/PA 15619)

PhD in Islamic Studies

Produce scholars and researchers who can serve the global Muslim community (ummah), especially in…

In Process

PhD in Computational Science and Engineering

Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) is a discipline devoted to the study and advancement of…

Islamic Architecture
In Process

PhD in Islamic Architecture

An advanced research and study about Islamic Architecture; the view from Quranic and Sunnah, aesthetical…

Serice Design
In Process

PhD in Service Design

It is a program to produce graduates with extensive expertise in Service Innovation Design who match the…

Data Science
In Process

PhD in Data Science

Doctor of Philosophy in Data Science (PhD DS) support the efforts and initiatives to make the Industry…

In Preparation

MSc in Data Science

MSc in Data Science

msc it
In Preparation

MSc in Information Technology

MSc in Information Technology

msc ai
In Preparation

MSc in Computing

MSc in Computing covers the expertise of Information Technology, Computer Science, Artificial Inellegence…