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UMAM Homepage-Information Technology VR

PhD in Information Technology

(N/0611/8/0001) (05/29) (MQA/PA 15446)
Prepare highly qualified experts in Information Technology through academically supervised research.
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UMAM Homepage-Social Science

PhD in Social Science

(N/0310/8/0001) (05/29) (MQA PA/15618)
Create the best research environment for doctoral training taht covers the widest range of social science research.
UMAM Homepage-Business and Management

PhD in Business and Management

(N/0414/8/0004) (06/29) (MQA/PA 15444)
Provide advanced training to develop innovative research in all areas of business and management.
UMAM Homepage-Education

PhD in Education

(N/0111/8/0001) (05/29) (MQA/PA 15445)
Enhance specialised knowledge through academic study and research. The programme aims to enable students to gain a solid grounding in research methodology.
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UMAM Homepage-Islamic Studies

PhD in Islamic Studies

(N/0224/8/0001) (05/29) (MQA/PA 15619)
Produce scholars and researchers who can serve the global Muslim community (ummah), especially in spreading Islamic knowledge, with the aim of addressing contemporary challenge.

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